The Sirens

Publisher: Lettre volée and Galerie Rodolphe Janssen
48 pages
Year : 1997
ISBN : 2873171103

Photographer, Sam Samore has long challenged the medium. His work deconstructs codes of cinema, plays with narrative, and insinuates subtle allegories of beauty and atmospheric plots without resorting to the continuity of a storyboard. The Sirens series, Samore says, “pursues a paradoxical approach to making the image. Free to work in the plein air, I am playing off the photographs of fleeting moments…while at the same time producing painting’s iconic conceptual arrangements. The Sirens is motivated by my fascination with Ulysses as an anti-hero. Today, Ulysses would appear as a post-modernist…(with)…a multitude of personalities to serve his own ends.” In a lengthy interview, Samore talks about his role as photographer/author, the relation of his work to painting and film and the sensual ambiguity he tries to achieve. Sam Samore has exhibited at such diverse institutions as the Casino Luxembourg, Yves Saint Laurent (New York) and the Centre national de la photographie (Paris). He lives and works in New York