Glossary of Delusions

Sam Samore
Glossary of Delusions
Year: 2010.
Duration: 06mn 02s.
Format: DVD/Blu-Ray
This film is a meditation on some ideas about Shakespeare and Caravaggio. They lived at the same time and although no documented evidence exists of their ever having met, there is the rumor that Shakespeare visited Italy during his supposed seven-year absence „from the record.“ Both of them were fascinated with passion, death, madness – among other themes, and in this film we have characters enacting their climatic demise, as well as the foreboding of doom. Alongside narcissist solitude, there are possibilities for romantic love. Garish pungent colors sometimes imbue the screen, and sometimes monochrome scenes perfume the era’s palette. The Layered acoustic piano soundtrack is meditative, melancholy, silent.