Archipelago Of Enigmas

Sam Samore
Archipelago Of Enigmas
Year: 2012.
Duration: 16mn 59s.
Format: DVD/Blu-Ray

We follow the ambiguities of a character. This film concentrates on the “narration” of one individual. She lives in Bangkok, a devout practitioner of Buddhism. During the day she is an executive. At night, her way of life is ambiguous. We’re never certain if she is an escort, a libertarian, an experimental psychologist. Or perhaps it is a philosophical investigation. The heavy monsoon days and nights of the Bangkok cityscape, and the turgid muddy Chao Praya river, are contrasted to the light airiness of beach scenes. Long drives in taxis going somewhere, transport our sleeping protagonist. The scenography transits from day to night – perhaps this story transpires in the span of a series of 24 hours. Many surrealist symbols are displayed: keys, fish, flowers, insects, fire, sweets. The palette of this film is attached to the reality of the invoked atmosphere. The Soundtrack is multi-layered and looped suggesting chance and absence of narrative judgment.